Studying A Levels requires an excellent foundation knowledge of GCSE content as well as a commitment to independent study.

These Transition Packs are designed to support you as you prepare for your studies at The VI Form Academy. Baseline assessments in September will be based on the knowledge you will gain from these packs. Click the links below to download the Transition Packs for your chosen subjects. You should aim to complete section 1 and 2 before you start your A levels in September and have a go at sections 3 and 4. Your teachers will be asking to see your work but not until the start of next term.

There are 4 sections in each Transition Pack

Section 1: Revisiting GCSE
It will include revision resources you would have completed in Year 11 had the GCSEs not been cancelled and / or essential parts of the GCSE which are fundamental for the A level

Section 2: Transition to A level
This builds on knowledge and skills gained at GCSE and lays the foundations for the A level.

Section 3: Extension and Challenge
If you are aiming for an A / A* at A level then you should aim to complete some of these tasks. Choose the ones which interest you most.

Section 4: Go Beyond the Spec
Here are ideas of how to develop and demonstrate your interest in your chosen subject by extending your subject knowledge beyond the specification.